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Financial arrangements after divorce

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We understand that settling your financial arrangements can cause difficulties.  Carla Hull Solicitors Limited is a member of Resolution (, and follows their policies and guidelines.


The practice deals with high profile, high value financial work, often with an international element.  We recognise the requirement for ultimate discretion in dealing with all aspects of your case, whether it be financial, relating to children or otherwise.  We are experienced negotiators and take meticulous care in the preparation of our cases.


Carla Hull is a Solicitor-Advocate, so can offer a service which most Solicitors cannot.  This means she has rights of audience in all Courts, whereas most Solicitors are limited to the County Court.  Therefore, she is acutely aware as to the court process and has experience with many local courts and Judges.  Carla is also a qualified collaborative lawyer, which offers a different, civilised approach to resolving your dispute if this route is appropriate for you.


The law in relation to financial matters is flexible so as to enable courts to achieve fairness depending on the individual circumstances of each case.  Naturally, as each family is different, inevitably each case is also different and Carla Hull Solicitors Limited recognises this.


Financial matters are resolved by a process known as Ancillary Relief.  The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 sets out a checklist of factors to be considered in each case.  The primary concern of the Court is the welfare of a child of the family.  Thereafter the following factors are considered:


   the income, earning capacity, property and resources of each person;

   the financial needs, obligations and responsibilities of each person;

   the standard of living enjoyed by the family before the breakdown of the marriage;

   the age of each person and the duration of the marriage;

   any physical or mental disability;

   the contribution made by each person to the welfare of the family, including looking after the home and bringing up children;

   the conduct of each person, but only if it is so bad it would be unfair to ignore it; and

   any serious disadvantage to either person which would be caused by ending the marriage.


The court has the same powers, as in the case of a divorce, to make orders in relation to financial matters and children for a case to dissolve a Civil Partnership.


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