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Carla Hull Solicitors Limited offers a service which is different to most solicitors’ firms. Carla is a Solicitor-Advocate, having been awarded Higher Rights of Audience (All Proceedings).  


This means that she can conduct a case in any Court in England and Wales without limitation.  Without such additional qualifications, Solicitors are limited to tribunals, Magistrates Courts and the County Court.


This enables the firm to fully advise with practical experience and in depth knowledge of how the Courts and Judges treat certain cases.  Whilst in some cases it is in your best interests to also enlist the advice of Counsel (i.e. a specialist Barrister), we can offer advocacy services to see your case through to Final Hearing if that is appropriate.


Specialist advocacy services

Commercial / civil / contractual disputes Contentious probate / disputed wills Personal Injury Mediations / arbitrations General litigation Family / Divorce / Children Specialist advocacy services