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Nearly all individuals and businesses will unfortunately experience disputes at some point.  


We aim to assist clients avoiding disputes developing where possible and, if they do occur, to manage them in a robust yet efficient manner.  We utilise the Court process to suit the circumstances of each individual case, always remembering that value for money is extremely important for clients.  If a dispute cannot be avoided, we understand that clients want a swift and commercial resolution and this is our main objective.


We always think tactically and creatively which enables us to anticipate potential issues and problems ahead and either avoid them completely or respond to them in a quick and effective manner.


Adrian Hull has significant experience in negotiation, arbitration, mediation and Court proceedings in areas including:-


• Commercial Contractual Disputes

• Partnership and Shareholding Disputes

• Negligence and Professional Negligence Claims

• Property Disputes

• Libel and Defamation

• Sale of Goods/Supply of Services Disputes

• Neighbour Disputes


Commercial / civil / contractual disputes

Commercial / civil / contractual disputes Contentious probate / disputed wills Personal Injury Mediations / arbitrations General litigation Family / Divorce / Children Specialist advocacy services